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Parvati : Your One Stop Desserts Shop

When Ken and I thought of coming up with a monthly theme for our blog, the first thing that came to mind is desserts month. And the first store we wanted to visit was, of course, Parvati in Trinoma, a one-stop desserts shop.

Parvati a pastry shop in Trinoma

With the growing number of home bakers in the country today (oh we can’t be thankful enough! :D), getting their products out there can be a challenge considering the logistics of opening their own store. This is where Parvati comes in, providing a venue for talented pastry makers to showcase their homemade creations in one roof.

It was August last year when we first went to Parvati at the Mindanao lobby of Trinoma (I know, this is a very late post that has been sitting in the drafts folder for months). Upon walking in, we were welcomed with a smile and were directed to check their selections of pastries posted on this line of chillers / refrigerators located at one corner of the store. We were in dessert heaven! 😀

Chillers at Parvati in Trinoma

Based on the information on their Facebook page, Parvati features 40 best-selling desserts from 27 different home bakers. They have various cakes, cookies, cheesecakes (love, love, love), revel bars, pudding, cupcakes, pies, brownies, etc. If you’ve got a sweet tooth like we do, I tell yah, you’d probably spend a long time choosing what to order. We wanted to try everything, but we know we HAD to limit ourselves to just three. 😀

The prices for the available servings for each delight is included in the menu for those who might want to purchase a whole cake or box of any of the pastries featured at their store.

So, we made our picks and this lovely lady opened the chillers where our selected pastries are waiting to be consumed. Thanks for being a sport, by the way! 🙂

Your orders are coming right up!

As soon as we gave them our orders and the lady pictured above disappeared into the kitchen to prepare them, we picked out our beverages. Being a fan of mocha, I picked iced cafe mocha priced at Php 100. Ken can’t drink coffee so he went for the baffling frozen hot chocolate (and we were curious – Php 130). Nothing really mind-blowing about them. Mine was like the usual iced coffee I make at home. I’m glad they now serve more beverages like Caramel Affogato and Honey Apple Iced Tea. Next time we visit them again, I’ll order the latter. 😉

Parvati's Iced Cafe Mocha and Frozen Hot ChocolatePardon the quality. Back then, we were still using our digicams.

While waiting, Ken and I looked around and we both commented on how cozy the place is. They may not have the most comfortable chairs or tables, but the whole design and the hues all around their cafe can be pretty relaxing while enjoying some toothsome snacks.

When our orders were served one by one, Ken and I seemingly were in a silent agreement to take photos of all of them really quickly. I mean, how can you prolong the waiting to taste these?!

Our orders are here!

First up is Coffee Indulgence from M Cheesecake and Pastries. This was picked by me because, well, it’s coffee-flavored.

Coffee Indulgence from M Cheesecake and Pastries at Parvati(slice: Php 150; whole: Php 950)

It was creamy, rich and beautifully infused with cappuccino. The bitterness of the coffee went well with the subtle sweetness and tangy flavors of the cream filling in between.

Our second order was the New York Baked Cheesecake by Bran and Bees. Though we can’t say it was the best blueberry cheesecake we’ve tasted (Ken’s still my favorite), this was still creamy and gratifying.

New York Baked Cheesecake from Bran and Bees(slice: Php 130; whole: Php 1,250)

Ken ordered the Triple Decker Chocolate Cheesecake from Kusina Torre. As soon as we saw this on the menu, we immediately knew we had to try it. Besides, it’s Parvati’s best-seller so it better be good, right? How could you go wrong with chocolate and cheesecake anyway?!

Triple Decker Chocolate Cheesecake from Kusina Torre(Mini – Php 140)

And we were right. The contrast of textures from the chocolate cakes (felt like brownies) sandwiching the slightly salted cheesecake and the luscious chocolate ganache on top made us licking our forks after each mouthful. We now understand why this is the top favorite. 🙂

If you didn’t notice, all of our orders were cheesecakes. 😀 We can’t help it! We are cheesecake addicts! This is why Ken can make one of the most sinful blueberry cheesecake you can find at our very own kitchen – because they’re one of the desserts we cannot get enough of. 😉

The first slice of our Coffee Indulgence

Whatever your choice of dessert is, I’m sure you’d find something that’ll satisfy your craving for something sweet at Parvati. Next time, I’ll order the mochi ice cream, Pistachio Sans Rival, The Dome, and French macarons. 🙂

Though Parvati may be tagged as a pastry shop, they do offer gourmet dishes on their menu such as salads, soups, sandwiches, and pasta (menu). This is why we consider their shop a perfect hangout for friends to bond over coffee or tea and a serving or two of any of the delectable homemade goodies they offer. We give them 5 stars and a must-try rating. 🙂

The Parvati Store

Trinoma Mindanao lobby (below National Bookstore)


This is not a sponsored post. We paid for everything we ordered.

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  • mhalene

    Can you buy icing in parvati?

    • We’re not sure, Mhalene. From what we know, you can only order pastries that are ready for serving at Parvati. You can contact them to verify.

  • mikee

    Try their truffles :p

  • Try mo din next time yung custaroons…the best din yun!!

  • This is where I’d first set foot when I come home. lol. so yummmmmmyyyy!

  • u8mypinkcookies

    dessert heaven!! <3

  • Nice concept and nice interior design with those fridges! Cant wait to raid them! The cakes presentation remind me so much of CBTL. Prices are reasonable and I really want to try that Triple Decker Chocolate Cheesecake! That should be good!

  • I hope they open another branch nearer to our place so I can treat my family there. I’m sure all of us except my brother will like it there.

  • Ryan Ferdinand De Ocampo

    Oh my… blueberry cheesecake.. yum yum.  And the big labels with images on the Chillers, haha I like that!  The pastries are more seductive that way. 🙂 

  • Mouth watering cheesecakes! Penge naman! Ha ha ha! Kasarap naman! In fairness kahit digicam lang gamit ninyo katakam takam pa rin! Wow buti pa si Ken magaling mag bake!

  • with a sweet tooth like me, I can’t help myself but to try that yummy blueberry cheesecake…hmmm,luv it!

  • They all look very yummy but I won’t be distracted because I want their Brazo De Mercedes! 🙂 We were there last Monday and I had my picks on which ones to try out on our next visit. 🙂

  • This is heaven for dessert lovers like me!

  • I’ve just been to Parvati the other day! haha.. XD I ordered their Milk Chocolate cake and a box of French Macarons. Love their comfy ambiance and the sweet treats. I’ll definitely be back soon to try their Triple Decker Chocolate Cheesecake and Green Tea cookies.. 🙂

  • This is the place where I always visit whenever I crave for the sweetest dessert . I like how they help home bakers who would want to sell their products. 

  • Love Parvati’s concept! A one-stop dessert shop and promotes home bakers too 🙂

  • Dessert lover heaven!! Wish there was a nearer branch. Your photos are making me drool. 🙂

  • its hard to resist over ordering at Parvati, there’s just so much stuff available.

  • I’m curious about the mochi ice cream… and being a dessert person, I’m sure I’m going to enjoy Parvati…

    • We were supposed to order some when we were there, but we already had 3 cheesecakes so we skipped it. Most of the diners who were there ordered mochi so just imagine the temptation :))