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J.CO Donuts and Coffee Philippines

A few days before Christmas, we were surprised with these three boxes of delights from J.CO Donuts and Coffee. This popular donuts and coffee brand that has satisfied the tastebuds of foodies in Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore and China is finally here in the Philippines! And I can’t wait to show you what’s inside these boxes.

Boxes of J.CO Donuts - Woot!

To give you a brief background on J.CO Donuts and Coffee, they opened their first store in Jakarta, Indonesia in 2005. Since then, they have opened over 100 branches across Malaysia, Singapore and just recently, in Shanghai, China. Our fellow Pinoy foodies who have travelled to these countries and got to taste of their premium donuts are for sure happy about this exciting news.

You might be thinking, oh, it’s another donut shop and cafe. We thought so too, not having the slightest idea of how good their donuts were. So, we were pleasantly surprised with what was revealed to us when we opened these boxes.

First are these almond-covered donuts they call Al Capone. These are J.CO’s best seller and their signature flavor.

J.CO Donuts Alcapone donuts - their signature product

The donut is covered with white Belgian chocolate and then topped quite generously with almond slivers. I’m not a fan of nuts on my food, but I’m starting to really get used to it. I mean, how can I not enjoy these donuts?

The donut itself is soft to the bite (all of them were!) and the crunch from the almonds gave them a very interesting texture. It was my first time to taste such a delectable piece of donut so I looked forward to trying out the rest of their flavors.

J.CO Donuts & Coffee prides itself on using the best ingredients you can find like Belgian chocolates, Californian almonds, American honey, New Zealand cheese, and Japanese Matcha Green Tea. No wonder their flavor selections left a pretty good mark on our tastebuds.

The two other boxes contained these:

We got two boxes of assorted J.CO Donuts - love them!

I was like a kid in a candy store when I opened the boxes. The colors, the design, the excitement about finding out the flavors of each one of them just tickled my senses.

Seen on the photo above are the following:

  • Strawberry and Chocolate Caviar donuts – The caviar (chocolate-flavored cereals) on top of the donuts are crispy and they made the luscious coating more interesting.
  • Heaven Berry– This is Ken’s favorite, aside from Al Capone. He loved its fruity goodness that wasn’t overly sweet. And, yes, he enjoyed one of this all by himself. 😀J.CO Donuts Miss Green T, Choco Caviar, Tira Miss U donuts
  • Green Tease – I love green tea (I’m enjoying a cup of it while writing this 🙂 ) and so this was the first one I tried and it’s one of the two that I finished off all by myself (I was trying to limit myself and only got to try 2-3 bites from the other donuts). The matcha green tea flavors were distinctively mixed into the creamy topping. Ahhhh… it was so good! 🙂
  • Tira Miss U – Lovely wordplay with the name, eh? This is the one beside Green Tease on the above photo. The creamy coating and the mocha flavors were a perfect combination.


J.CO Donuts Coco Loco, Why Nut, etc


  • Coco Loco (chocolate topping with the white hearts near the top of the photo) – Two words that made me fall in love with this: dark chocolate.
  • Black Jack (the chocolate covered donut in front) – This will surely satisfy the chocoholic in you. 🙂
  • Choconutzy – Another favorite of Ken because of its peanut butter mixed in with chocolate flavors.


There were other flavors in there that I liked, particularly Why Nut (white topping with swirly chocolate toppings) because of its American peanut butter filing and premium white chocolate topping, which, according to their website, contains anti-oxidants that are known to prevent cancer and heart attacks.

J.CO Donuts and Coffee is now in the PhilippinesThe rest of the donuts, I didn’t get to taste because we decided to share them with friends. But, everyone of them raved about how unique each flavor was. For sure, they won’t be forgetting about the delightfulness of these donuts. 🙂

Some may ask how these donuts compare to the other known brands already here in the country. Being a donut aficionado, I can say that the variety of flavors J.CO offers are better because they didn’t overwhelm me with sweetness or too much of anything. I bet you’d agree with me once you get a taste of this.

J.CO Donuts and Coffee will be opening their flagship store along The Strip in SM Megamall on February 16March 15, 2012. They’ll be offering not only donuts, but also their widely popular coffee too and even yogurt. I can’t wait to visit their store when they finally open.

PROMO ALERT: Mark your calendars, foodies!

On the opening day, they are giving away special treats to the FIRST 200 customers to come to their store when it opens at 9am. Trust me when I say you’d enjoy J.CO Donuts because of their wide variety of flavors and the right amount of sweetness on each one of them. Let us know what you think, eh? 🙂

J.CO Donuts & Coffee

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  • jessan galang

    much better kung more flavors to come

  • jessan galang

    sana soon magkaroon ng delivery ang

  • Mariz Moscoso

    so yummy! i tried Al Capone… it’s delicioso! wanna try other flavor…

    • We love Al Capone! There’s so much to try! Can’t wait to go back to J.CO very soon.

  • Anthony12yaput

    i hope im one of the employee at donuts and coffee

  • Pattydeungria

    J.Co!!! Got to taste this when I went to Indonesia for my 2 weeks vacay. So good and soft and has a lotttt of flavors to choose from!!

  • hapimami

    waaaahhh. i super love donuts… name it bsta donut i will eat it. ehhehe… but the best of the best is J.Co donuts. as in .. <3 try it and u guys will love it… 

  • Cookie Cabrera

    Hi Mhel, opening of J.Co has been moved to March 15 na. 🙂

    • Thanks, Cookie! Will update the post 🙂

  • will definitely be there when it opens!

  • Masarap sana kung meron silang DONUT BAY haha :))

  • I can almost taste them, my mouth is watering and I’m hankering for those almond, green tea, caviar and tiramisu doughnuts!!

    • I can’t wait to read what you have to say about them, Guia! 🙂

  • Everything looks delicious! 🙂 can’t wait to try this!

  • Wow! Sarap! Sarap!

  • Wawan

    I was about to sleep when I saw this post Mhel. Huhu. Now I want my midnight snack! Definitely love Matcha Green Tea. I can’t wait for this! I always love donuts paired with tea/coffee. This would be one of those pairings that I would just want for the rest of my life. Yummmyyy!

    • It’s fun to know more people want to try the Matcha Green Tea donut. And I agree with you! Perfect pairing with my tea. 🙂

  • Ryan Ferdinand De Ocampo

    Green Tease and Tira Miss U 🙂  hehe love the names… will definitely try these cool flavors – haven’t tasted one yet..

    • Davah lang? I love brands that use wordplays. ^_^
      You’ll get to taste it in about a month! 🙂

  • Kanyvicperez

    I wonder, What will be there promo be? any hints po? 😀     Im really eager to know how much would each donuts cost, para makapagtabi tabi na ko ….:)

    • Hmmm… for sure, they’d give away free donuts. Not sure how many though.

      I’ll try to get more information about their prices. 🙂

  • Wow thanks for the tip mhel =) I’m so looking forward to try the green tea as well!  

    • Oh, it’s so creamy and green-tealicious (LOL)

  • gotta try this, comfort food ko ang donuts! 🙂

  • I saw their store still under construction in mega mall, and just like you, i thought the same like you did: anothr donut shop. But when I saw the pics on this post, i started to crave! The almonds slivers are generous indeed! Plus that chocolate caviar! Made my knees weak! I’m looking forward to their store opening! I cant wait

    • I believe they’ll be a hit since they’re bringing in a whole lot of flavor profiles we haven’t had with donuts before. Plus, the sweetness on everything was just right. 🙂

  • Gusto ko nyan!!! Kelan kaya mag-open yung sa trinoma????

    • Wala pa ko balita. Pero mukhang shortly after ng opening ng flagship store nila sa Megamall. 🙂