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Hansel Premium Cheese Sandwich

Update: I found boxes of Hansel Premium Cheese Sandwich at SM Hypermarket today (December 22, 2011) so I guess this is now widely available. Yayy! 🙂

A few weeks ago, there was this hype in our local internet scene over the Hansel Premium Cheese Sandwich. Yes, from the same people who brought us the Hansel Mocha Sandwich. Being a cheese lover, this new snack intrigued me a lot, especially when I saw a growing number of bloggers joining the meme (see here) where they take a photo of themselves with a box of these cheesy delight.

So, I was convinced. I just had to taste it! When we were at Ortigas for a friend’s birthday party, we saw a 7-11 branch near the area. We headed off there and luckily found 2 boxes of this baby.

Hansel Premium Cheese Sandwich I bought at 7-11 - CertifiedFoodies.comI took the photo right at the counter, beside the barcode scanners at the 7-11 branch.

Each box only costs Php 37.00 and most people have reported that it’s only available at 7-11 stores in the Metro. Here’s what you get inside, or at least 3/4 of it as I couldn’t help but gobble up about 3 pieces while I was taking photos at home.

You can share a box of Hansel Premium Cheese sandwich with someone or hog 'em all! -

The taste reminded me so much of Combos, my other favorite cheesy snack. But, this one’s a softer and lighter version of it, not to mention more affordable. I couldn’t stop eating them like they were just some regular potato chips.

A closer look at the Hansel Premium Cheese Sandwich -

In fact, I finished up all those 2 boxes by myself. 😀 I was supposed to have Ken taste it, but thinking it won’t be easy finding these at convenience stores, yes, I had to hog them 2 boxes. 😀

My new favorite snack Hansel Premium Cheese Sandwich -

I completely understand the hype over these Hansel Premium Cheese Sandwich. I suggest you go to your nearest 7-11 store and grab a box or two to understand why. 🙂

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