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Yakimix Eat All You Can Smokeless Grill Restaurant, Trinoma


We love eat-all-you-can or buffet style restaurants. I mean, who doesn’t?! You get to pick the food you want on your plate and you get to try different dishes all on a fixed price. This is why we are scouring the Metro for all these restaurants so we can try them and post a feature or review here. First up is Yakimix in Trinoma.

YakiMix Sushi Smokeless Grill Restaurant in Trinoma -

We’ve heard of Yakimix from friends and they were 99% raves. I wasn’t really convinced before ‘cause of the price tag. But, I’ll try anything once.

We’ve actually been to Yakimix twice for the past 3 months. For our first visit, we had to wait for over an hour to get a table. That’s why we strongly suggest you call them for reservations or be there really early.

They only have 2 buffet schedules you can choose from. Lunch is served at 11am to 2:30pm everyday, while dinner starts at 5:30pm to 10:30pm Mondays to Fridays and starts 15 minutes earlier on the weekends. Lunch and dinner schedules at the Trioma branch of YakiMix -

The lunch buffet on weekdays costs Php 499 per head; Php 580 on weekends, which is also the same price for dinner every night of the week. A little expensive, but considering the amount of food choices you get compared with other eat-all-you-can restaurants we’ve tried so far, I say it’s worth it. :)

For children below feet, they offer a special rate of Php 380. Their bottomless drinks cost Php 65. And in case you have leftovers (a no-no when you’re at eat-all-you-can restaurants), they charge Php 699 per head.

Though we had to wait for a long time on our first time there, I observed that their crew are organized and quick in taking care of customers, cleaning up tables, and are generally accommodating.

By the way, the second time we went there with our parents, we actually had a table reserved a few days before. But, my mom said they can’t find my name so they just had their names listed at the reservations desk. Since they were early, they got a table right away and were already stuffing their mouths full when we arrived 30 minutes after. 😀

The pretty lady at the reservations desk of YakiMix in Trinoma with Ken and Jhay - CertifiedFoodies.comThis pretty lady, Dimple, was the one at the reservations desk.
She’s very organized and friendly, too, obviously, as she willingly posed for us. 😀

Note: Make sure you get your name listed at the reservations table / booth located right outside the restaurant’s door. We saw a couple of customers lining up thinking there was really a queue without having their names listed first and were disappointed to know they were waiting in vain.

Oh, by the way, you can also come by and reserve a table for a future date. Or you can just call them. Their branches and contact numbers can be found at the bottom of this post.

I love the color scheme inside Yakimix Trinoma. They used brown and black on their furniture and walls. The tables are also very spacious so you can place multiple plates on it. Just look at ours. 😀

Our second time at YakiMix in Trinoma -

On each table at YakiMix is a smokeless grill. As soon as you settle in, a crew member will fire up the grill for you. And, yes, the grill is smokeless, so no worries about smelling like everything you had for lunch or dinner when you leave the restaurant.

YakimIx eat all you can buffet offers different Asian cuisines (Japanese, Cantonese, Korean) to satisfy the foodie in you.

Buffet area in Yakimix in Trinoma -

There’s the raw meat and seafood section where you’d find, among other things, mussels, shrimps, slices of beef, bacon and chicken that you can grill at your table, all marinated with YakiMix special sauces.

Raw meat section at the buffet area in Yakimix Trinoma -

Note that they don’t allow taking photos of the buffet area. I was only allowed to take some as long as I don’t take photos of everything OR each plate on the buffet table.

Seafoods grilling at our table -

There’s also this long sushi section at the back of the buffet area. We got a li’l crazy on the sushi. 😀 I used to not like the taste of nori. But after I’ve had sushi for a few more times, I started to really enjoy it. 😀

Lotsa lotsa sushi choices at Yakimix -

They also have a section there for cooked dishes where you’d find tempura, beef with broccoli, a couple of chicken dishes, steamed vegetables, pasta, etc. Cooked dishes at YakiMix -

And, of course, the dessert section! I think we all had thirds. They have cheesecakes, ice cream (Selecta), cakes, and leche flan. Cheesecakes and mini-cupcakes we got from the dessert section at Yakimix -

For the drinks, they have Coke products, iced tea, lemonade and other fruit juices. I always order their Blue Lemonade. :)

I think we're on our third serving of tempura - CertifiedFoodies.comOur nanay, always ready for a photo. 😀 And that’s our third serving of tempura,
and our glasses of blue lemonade. :)

You can stay until the end of the lunch or dinner schedule. So, definitely a good venue for bonding moments with friends. The place is always packed with people so I don’t recommend it for business meetings since it can really be noisy in there. But, the crowd are mostly families or groups of friends. I also see some who stay there and do work on their laptops and netbooks (I wonder if they have something installed to protect their rfid).

Our parents enjoying the buffet at YakiMix in Trinoma - CertifiedFoodies.comOur dear parents. They don’t know when to smile for the camera. 😀


Food Selection / Menu: Lots of choices. Sushi lovers would enjoy their stay here.

Price: Same price as most buffet style restaurants out there.

Speed of Service: The whole crew are prompt and warm, but there are times we had to call their attention more than twice. Considering the number of diners, it was acceptable.

Ambiance: The seats are comfortable and the tables are spacious. Place is also maintained well.

Quality of Food: Food at the buffet table are refilled quite quickly. And the cooked dishes are served fresh off the oven. :)

Overall Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars

Overall, we enjoyed dining at Yakimix and we’ll definitely come back again. We highly recommend them to those who love eat-all-you-can buffet restaurants.

Stay tuned for more EAYC (eat-all-you-can) restaurant features / reviews here. :)


YakiMix branches:

  • SM North Edsa Main building, near National Bookstore
  • SM Mall of Asia G/F Entertainment Mall / 836-1535 to 37
  • Diosdado Macapagal Blvd. BC25, Hobbies of Asia / 387-8120
  • Tomas Morato, Quezon City 332-8073
  • Greenbelt 3 3/F, Makati City / 998-8039
  • Trinoma Mall 4/F, Quezon City (just across the cinemas) / 861-1718, 861-4022, 901-0057
  • Podium 5/F, Ortigas Center, Pasig City / 634-0302
  • SM Masinag Antipolo City / 781-4182
  • (Info taken from here)
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  • Jessica

    Paano po magpareserve sa bday promo?

  • jojo

    saan po pwede magapply sa YAKIMIX salamat

  • jowjow

    san po pwede magapply sa YAKIMIK? salamat

  • Enrico Tolentino

    There seems to be missing data regarding the height of the the child. May I know how many feet? I’m sure it doesn’t mean a foot. :)

  • Cristina M. Brequillo

    can you pls send me the email address of your restaurant just to make sure na okey yung ipapareserve ko for 4 person thanyo

    • blankPixels

      Hi, Cristina. We’re not connected with Yakimix. Please call them directly.

  • cris

    nasasabi mo lng yan kasi dimo na expirience mk timing ng crew na lapuk

    • pedro

      bat hindi mo nireklamo sa management?
      minsan kasalanan din ng mga customer na hinahayaan sila bastusin ng mga crew,. kung alam mo naman na mali talaga sila pwede sabihin dun sa manager,.

  • cris

    nakakain na din ako 1 time sa yakimix, mayroon isang crew na lapuk nagparinig sa table namin ng galaw galaw baka daw ma stroke! meron talagang mga empleyadong panira lagi sa kanilang pinagtatrabahuhan… paki alam nya kung bundat na kami sa kakakain, kya nga eat all you can pinuntahan ng group namin,,, diba? lapuk yung isang employee na yun sigura wla na sya dyan at kung andyan man cya sana i-finish contract na kasi panira talaga.

  • bekibeki

    nkakainis lang kapag nilalahat ng mga customers na RUDE mga waiters and waitresses ng YAKIMIX, sa dami ng branch nila hindi lahat bastos at walang modo. wag nyo po sana lahatin, naging employee din ako ng yakimix at never pa naman po ako nambastos ng customer.

    • cris

      kaya nga sabi ko mayroon isang crew sinabi ko bang lahat, review mo nga message ko isa ka pa palang lapuk. Trinoma branch tinutukoy ko lapuk bk kaya ikaw yun!

  • personwithtaste

    you gave this 4.5 and 5 stars….haha this is one of the worst buffets in the philippines. you have absolutely no credibility after this post

    • blankPixels

      No credibility because we have different views? Okay. :)

      • blue

        in point of view of the blogger (or the customer),
        yakimix is good because of their good foods and good customer services.
        but for some, kung sa management-crew relationship na po ang tinitingnan nyo,
        baka hnd na po un ang concern ni customer. :)


    no branch in cebu? are there any similar resto here in cebu?

  • icall

    The food and service was good, but your HR staff (ms. Rosemarie ) irritate me. i called for an inquiry but she talk like a big boss, !!!!!!! and talking with an angry voice!!

  • Cardinalkaryl

    hi,..  i want to try it.. i’m a food lover too.. and as a experience, i want you to try SAMBOKOJIN (located at LIBIS).. it’s a same rate with YAKIMIX. .. they also have mouth-watering foods that you surely love..

  • em-em

    hi,, eat all you can tlga ang food sa yakimix,, pati ba ang desert eat all you can din… yummmmmy like ko un ice cream….. tnx wait for you response

  • Robixs DLC

     This is one of the worst restaurants in the PHILIPPINES. I would not dare recommend this to any buffet eating public!!!The
    name of the restaurant should be YUCKYMIX!!! As in literallly, mixes of
    yucky foods! Imagine all of the hot food items are loaded with MSG
    (monosodium glutamate) which is not good for the body. A food that is
    loaded or mixed up with MSG only shows that the restaurant could not
    make a delicious or good food without the aid of the notorious MSG!!!
    Even their lechon kawali is loaded with MSG!!! I
    just can’t imagine. Most of the people would be amazed and appreciative
    if a restaurant could cook a food that uses natural spices to let out
    the aroma and the best possible taste of the food. If you would notice
    their steamed siomai, you would also notice its greasiness because it is
    loaded with too much oil which it should not be because it’s steamed. Basically all their hot foods are loaded not
    only with MSG but with a lot of oil too. Too much fat and greasy!!! One
    thing more, they don’t wash their plates and even their eating utensils
    with the dishwash machine. It is only being washed manually by the
    dishwashers themselves. Imagine all the possible dirt and smudges that
    could leave your plate and since it is just being washed by tap water,
    would you think all the bacteria is already killed? Just asking. Because
    once a plate and the eating utensils are being passed in a dishwash
    machine, there’s a certain temperature which is being maintained to kill
    all these germs and microorganisms. So think again if you’ll gonna eat
    again with this restaurant. With all of their branches spread around the
    metro and soon to be built branches including the existing Hongkong
    Emperor and King One in Macapagal Boulevard, 101 Buffet in Mall of Asia
    and soon to be built City Buffet in Fairview Quezon City, you could just
    imagine that they practically do the same practices in all of these
    restaurants!!! One thing more, this is for the waiters and the other staffs serving the company. You could not blame them if some of this staffs are rude. You know why? They are being paid below the minimum rate which is around 320 pesos. Imagine they’re working for 9 hrs a day and sometimes exceeding and of course no overtime pay for that and yet it is broken time. And yet on top of this salaries they are still being charged 120 pesos (mandatory!) for their 2 meals a day with the viands being served as sardines (Imagine for 60 pesos!!!??? in one meal?), sinigang na tinik ng salmon with only a few meat of the salmon in its bones, beef trimmings (pinagtabasan ng meat g baka!), buto-buto ng baboy na nilaga or sinigang, chicken trimmings (which is almost buto and walang laman or meat na yung chicken!) or minsang 1 pc.fried tilapia or 1 pc. fried chicken. They have no benefits at all and under agencies. These are horrible acts of slavery!!! They should be checked out by DOLE and the concerned government agencies. You should try to relay all of these relevant information to their facebook fanpage and even to your blogs so others would take note of these and read it to spread the word. Thank you and God Bless.

    • Unnicaxeniorita

      yah! this is all true…minsan nga klang pa ung food for the employees hindi lahat sila nakakakain, and then minsan ang laki pa ng kaltas?! kulang na nga sa sahod! may kaltas pa na malaki!

      • KHULETS

        nakooo.. me job interview pa naman aq s yakimix dis week kung ganyan pla ang culture nila eh mukang mag ddlwang isip aq …. hahahha


      kua how did you know about of that kind of information you’ve shared with us.. did you have a friend or any person that working in that restaurant that tell’s you this kind of information ? =]]

    • ron

      i like your insight about this restaurant. This is why i am not a fan of eat all you can restaurants cause you can see how they manage their food not in a good way.

  • Sebasti

    cockroach?? all restaurants have a case like that  . =))

  • Jamcruz99

    We had lunch at Yakimix MOA last December. We found a cockroach in our food and inside the soup bowl. The staff were rude instead of being apologetic. After our horrible experience, we ‘ll never go back.

    • blankPixels

      Aww I’m so sorry to hear that. I totally understand why you’re not coming back. I’d feel and do exactly the same if I were you.

  • Janvernon_hernan

    which branch is better? is it trinoma or morato?

  • maria

    this was really very helpful! after reading and seeing the photos! now im dying to visit yakimix! its a date on sat!thank you;)!

  • aye

    If we are 4 to dine in,is it possible to pay for 3 persons and the other 1 can share only?? 

    • blankPixels

      Nope. Like in other restaurants that offer eat-all-you-can buffet, you can’t share. The price is per head. They’ll count the # of people at your table.

    • Erovinvin


  • josh

    how much po b eat all u can sa yakimix

    • blankPixels

      Scroll up ka, andun yung prices pati para sa kids. :)

  • Analyn_devilznare

    may reservation fee ba???

    • blankPixels

      Walang reservation fee. Pero yung reservation ko a week before, nawala daw sabi ng nanay ko when we got there. Not sure if it’s more effective to reserve a table a few days before lang ng pagpunta nyo dun or what.

      • Analyn_devilznare

        aaahmmm… dba 11 pa ung serving nila ng lunch? pag dumating kmi ng mas maaga pde na kmi magpareserve ng table??? 

        • blankPixels

          Yep, pwede na alam ko. They prepare the whole place before each buffet schedule (lunch and dinner) and I’m not quite sure but I guess they can already accommodate reservations before 11am. For the dinner schedule, last time we passed by at their Trinoma branch, there was no personnel at the door. I suggest you call them for reservations just in case.

          • Analyn_devilznare

            ah..ok tnx.. anung 3 nila??

  • Butterlight

    I don’t know if you already have a post about it but you should also try sambokujin.  it’s very similar to yakimix but it’s quieter.  a lot of my friends and i are wondering if yakimix and sambokujin are owned by the same company.

    • blankPixels

      Ohhh… thanks for the tip, Butterlight. We’re actually trying out all the eat-all-you-can buffet we could find. Thanks!! :)

  • kim

    Pwede pa bumalik sa buffet pag naubos ang food sa table? Looks yummy

    • blankPixels

      Yes, you can! As many times as you’d like! Eat all you can naman sya. Might as well sulitin :)

  • Florence

    Same menu po ba for lunch and dinner?

    • blankPixels

      I think there are a few dishes they serve na iba for each schedule eh. We’ve only been there for dinner and there were a couple of dishes we didn’t see at the buffet the first time.

  • kcot

    i love yakimix! their shrimps and marinated pork strips are to die for! love love! :)


    • blankPixels

      Oh, yes yes yes! :) I think we hogged the shrimps, especially the tempura, the 2 times we were there. :))

  • Mars @ The Food Encounters

    Wow bagay sakin toh! I love eat all you can din! Gonna try this for sure! Thanks sa review ate Mhel! :)

    • blankPixels

      No prob, sis! I love eat all you can din and I highly recommend talaga YakiMix. Let me know when you’ve tried them na ha? :)