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Starbucks Mocha Frap Please!

I love enjoying a cup or two of coffee any time of the day. When I’m at home, I usually end up with instant coffee mixes and I prefer a hot cup of coffee. But, whenever I’m out with friends, Starbucks is my favorite coffee place. I love, love, love their Mocha Frappuccino.

My favorite Starbucks Frap - Mocha! - CertifiedFoodies.comMy Mocha Frap at Starbucks Gateway Mall, Cubao

I love the bittersweet taste of mocha, mixed with coffee and milk. I honestly haven’t tried their Dark Mocha Frappuccino yet, but I know I gotta try it real soon! It’s just that I keep on forgetting whenever I’m at Starbucks (I think I’ve been to Starbucks once or twice weekly for the past month). I think my mind’s programmed to always order their Mocha Frap. That’s how much I love it! 😀

I’ve tried and loved their Java Chip Frappuccino, too. The mocha flavors mixed in with chocolate chips, topped with mocha drizzle – just heaven! I don’t order this as often as the plain mocha Frap though ‘cause I usually prefer to drink my coffee straight up, without any chips mixed into it.

Everyone in my family are coffee lovers. Well, Ken used to be. But, after drinking too much coffee when he was studying for the Nursing Licensure board exams (which he passed with flying colors, by the way :)), he can no longer enjoy coffee as much as before.

So, he goes for Starbucks non-caffeinated drinks like their Strawberries and Cream Frappuccino.

Starbucks Strawberries and Cream and Mocha Frappuccino - CertifiedFoodies.comStrawberries & Cream and Mocha Frappuccinos at Magallanes


He also recently got a taste of Starbucks’ Green Tea Cream Frappuccino. We both loved it, too, ‘cause it was really refreshing. 🙂

Starbucks Soy Green Tea Cream Frappuccino - CertifiedFoodies.comSoy Green Tea Frappuccino
(photo credit:

We have yet to try blending our own However-You-Want-It Frappuccino in Starbucks. But, if I do, I’d probably go for Soy milk, with 5 pumps of coffee, 5 pumps of mocha sauce topped with mocha-drizzled whipped cream. I’d call it Coffee Crazy + Mocha Madness! I know, not completely original, but this should keep me buzzing all day. 😀

My Coffee Crazy + Mocha Madness Frappuccino blend -

Ken and I also love their pastries, most especially their Oreo Cheesecake (Php 115)! In fact, Ken just attempted to recreate this at home last night. We’ll share the recipe here very soon so keep posted! 🙂 It’s not as close to Starbucks’, but it’s as good and yummy, too! 🙂

Starbucks Oreo Cheesecake - CertifiedFoodies.comOreo Cheesecake
(photo credit:
Bubbly Fluffy)

Ken also loves Banoffee Pie (Php 110). He barely left me some when we were at Starbucks Magallanes waiting for the Mystery Dinner. 😀

Starbucks Banoffee Pie -

I also got to try their Tiramisu Cheesecake (Php 120). It was a li’l bland for me though. Or maybe it’s ‘cause I tasted it after I had the Banoffee Pie, I don’t know.

Starbucks Tiramisu Cheesecake -

When we were at Newport Mall at Resorts World, we tried their Classic Chocolate Cake (Php 105). It was truly chocolatey, which was a delight and what I needed after only having like an hour of decent sleep. 😀

A slice of Starbucks Classic Chocolate Cake -

I’ve also tried their Turkey sandwich, which I also love. Will try their other sandwiches and pastry offerings next time.

I used to hang out at Starbucks a lot with friends and colleagues. It’s the usual place we go to for informal meetings back when I was still working. We’d often enjoy a smoke or two with our own coffee blends.

Well, if you’re a smoker and loves to hang out at Starbucks, whether you’re buying or not, there’s bad news for you. Since last June 27th, they no longer allow smoking in their cafes. All their smoking areas were converted to non-smoking. This is in support of the Smoking Ordinance Republic Act Section 5, No. 9211. I posted about my views on this as a smoker on my personal blog.

I hope this move to ban smoking at their cafes won’t be something temporary. I know, a lot of fellow smokers are mad about this decision, but I salute Starbucks for their guts. I believe they gained new loyal customers for it. 🙂

Anyway, I’m still going to hang out at Starbucks ‘cause I love their coffee. 🙂

What are your favorites on Starbucks’ menu?

Share at the comments section, will yah? 🙂

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Michelle (aka Mhel / blankPixels) is a social media nerd and works as a Digital Marketing Lead for one of the top online companies in the Philippines. On her free time, she travels, goes on food trip and loves to take photos. She's the main editor of this food blog.



  • Lj_gj_hunter

    the photos you have there are really mouth watering and how i love to drop by on starbucks later…haha! love your blog!

  • wow, everything sounds and looks so delicious…makes me miss it more, daming coffee shop dito, but there’s no starbucks, 🙁 i want that oreo cheesecake very much…hehehe! btw, great shots din, make it looks really yummy! have a great weekend! 🙂

  • Jay-agent112778

    i want that oreo cheesecake

    i have a drink for that yummy food in this entryhappy weekend

  • Luna Miranda

    i’m a caffe latte and caffe mocha kind of girl, minus the whipped cream. if i really want something cold, i go for the blended mango passion fruit.  i also like the turkey sandwich, chocolate cake and cinnamon roll.  if you like their cakes, you can buy directly from the purple oven–yon ang supplier nila.

  • Good job in making me crave Mhel, hehehe! I love their White Chocolate Mocha and chicken empanada. Pero when I’m feeling healthy, I order Green Tea with soy milk just like you.

  • oh my! you made me miss starbucks. their frappes and pastries. how i wish soon they’ll have a branch here in Albvay. ☺ I’m pleased if you could drop by at my site too:

    thank you!

  • marie ann soria

    I love their Java Chip Frap. I don’t like the tea frap though. It has aftertaste.

    Visiting from FTP!  🙂

    • I used to hate teas. But, after I started getting into the habit of drinking tea to lose weight, I can’t live without it. So, when we tried their green tea frap, ang sarap! 🙂

  • grabe, tagal ko na talaga di nakatambay sa starbucks! most of what you mentioned here are new to
    note to self: punta sa starbucks this weekend and try their soy green tea frap! 🙂

    • i wanna try the one with black sesame. mukhang masarap din.


    great choice! love frap also but recently I tend to do away with creams, lighter to avoid calories hehehe. Visiting through FTF 🙂
    hope you drop by too, here’s my entry

  • mocha frap rin ang favorite ko and yung chocolate cake nila (which is available as a whole at purple oven too) 🙂

    • We’ve been wanting to check out Purple Oven nga rin eh for the pastries. Will post about them when we do, my fellow mocha frap lover. ^_^