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Krispy Kreme’s Baked Creations

Krispy Kreme's Baked Creations - CertifiedFoodies.comA few months ago (yes, this is a long overdue post), Krispy Kreme launched their new line of goodies – Baked Creations. They had a Brunch Buddy Treats promo in September where the first 100 for each Krispy Kreme branch to post about their brunch buddy on Krispy Kreme’s Facebook page will receive a free brunch.

My brother Kien and I joined the promo. We’re big fans of Krispy Kreme’s glazed doughnuts so we were excited to try their new baked goodies. Initially, we had separate branches because we didn’t have any plans yet on where we’ll be claiming our free brunch. When we finally decided to go to Greenhills for our bi-monthly food trip, I requested if I can claim my free brunch there along with my bro.

I didn’t get a response yet regarding my request when we arrived in Krispy Kreme Greenhills on the 30th of September. But, I’m sure glad they accommodated my request. And, I would like to commend their staff at their Greenhills branch. They were all oh-so friendly. Thumbs up! ^_^

Going back to Krispy Kreme’s new Baked Creations, there are actually two variants to choose from – Pull Aparts and Kruffins. My bro and I decided we try one from each variant. Our free brunch included free Orange You Glad. I find it very refreshing. It’s a mix of navel, mandarin and tangerine orange flavors.Krispy Kreme Orange You Glad - CertifiedFoodies.comThe Baked Creations Pull Aparts are for those who prefer savory flavors for breakfast. They tasted like croissant with added flavor, mostly because of the toppings, meat and dips that come along with them. They have 4 flavors that you can choose from: Cheese (Php 65), Sausage and Cheese (Php 70), Bacon and Cheese (Php 70), and Cinnamon (Php 65). Kien chose the one with bacon, of course.

Krispy Kreme Pull Apart Bacon and Cheese -

Here’s a closer look at the Bacon and Cheese after it was pulled apart. The bacon sits right there at the center of the bread. It came with ranch dip. We both really enjoyed it and the ranch dip/dressing complemented the flavors of bacon and cheese very well. Krispy Kreme Bacon and Cheese pulled apart -

As planned, I chose among the Kruffin variants. There are also four options for Krispy Kreme’s Baked Creations Kruffins – Double Chocolate, Blueberry, Apple Streussel, and Classic (all priced at Php 65). I chose Blueberry. Krispy Kreme Baked Creations Blueberry Kruffin -

Kruffins are basically muffins, but they have a hole in the middle, just like the Pull Aparts, and it’s filled with cream topped with the flavor you chose. I REALLY enjoyed it! It wasn’t too sweet and the muffin was really soft, like it’s even melting in my mouth along with the cream. Yummy!

Krispy Kreme Blueberry Kruffin -

We very much enjoyed both Kruffin and Pull Apart we ordered. We were supposed to buy a box of it for my nanay, but we just arrived and we had a li’l shopping to do. We forgot to go back, much to my disappointment, because it was raining and it was really hard finding a cab going back home.

Krispy Kreme Baked Creations Bacon and Cheese Pull Apart, Blueberry Kruffin -

Anyway, if you want to order a Box of 6 of Krispy Kreme’s Baked Creations, you can save as much as Php 125 (depending on what you’re getting) since you only pay Php 295. Next time we go somewhere there’s a Krispy Kreme branch, I’ll make sure to bring home a box of these yummy new goodies.

Krispy Kreme Baked Creations - Box of 6 -

Oh, I found out that these Baked Creations only have a shelf life of one day. All their stock we see everyday are baked on that same day. So, if you haven’t tried them yet and would love to do so, make sure you come in early if you’d like to try the Bacon and Cheese.

Krispy Kreme rolling off fresh glazed doughnuts -

Lastly, when we arrived at Krispy Kreme in Greenhills, they were rolling doughnuts off the line. The hotlight was on and we wanted to order their glazed doughnuts, but we decided to stick to just trying out their Baked Creations first. I took some photos of what’s happening inside their bakery. I was trying to check if they have some special kind of cutting tools or molding machines for their doughnuts, but I only saw their glazing process. I wanted to see how they make their doughnuts really soft to bite into. I guess I need to bake doughnuts at home to find out, eh?


Have you tried Krispy Kreme’s Baked Creations?

Let me know what you think at the comments section.


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  • This is bad..for my diet *)

  • Silvergirl

    there you go again 😛 the pic is so real 🙂 and you make me always “laway” hahaha. I need to ask friend to buy me KK in manila because we don’t have here 🙁

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  • I think I’m gonna like the kruffins better coz I love sweets. But nothing beats KK original glazed pa rin 🙂

    • Yes!!! *LOL* I love their original glazed din, gosh.

  • pinoymuffintop

    LOLZ! i totally forgot to blog about this. ^_^ oh well, i dont have pics to show anyway. ^_^

    I prefer the Kruffins, basically because I had “more” to eat ^_^

  • vernz

    wow, parang.. nifood style.. galing…

    My Food Trip Friday here

  • yummy shots again!
    i thought they fry their honeyglazed doughnuts. or maybe i’m mistaken. lol 😀
    would love to try their new creations; been seeing their advertisements, but i just keep forgetting whenever we get the chance. susubukan ko this weekend….and i hope i won’t forget!

    • Thank you, sis! Not sure how they do it even though I was watching the machines rolling off those glazed doughnuts. *LOL*

      I hope you won’t forget. I loved them! 🙂

  • yummy…how i wish we have krispy kreme here! happy food trip friday! 🙂

    • Thank you, sis. Happy Food Trip Friday, too! 🙂

  • I’d love to have that machine!!! We don’t have dunkin donuts nor krispy creme here so I was so thankful when cinnabon opened…at least now there’s a bit of home’s best yummies!