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We Love Subway Sandwiches!

Subway Sandwiches and MOA branch review -

Subway is the world’s largest submarine sandwich restaurant and for years, we’ve wanted to try one of their sandwiches. Mai is not really into sandwiches before I came along so now that we both love it, we decided to try Subway’s famous sandwiches at their branch in SM Mall of Asia.

Did you count how many times I said “sandwich” in the above paragraph? Expect more. *grin*

Subway branch in MOA -

Subway has a wide range of sandwiches you can choose from. Here’s their menu:

Subway complete menu -

Mai ordered the Spicy Italian sandwich (PhP 125), and I ordered the Subway Melt sandwich (Php 150, with sliced chicken, ham and bacon).

To start, we were asked what bread we want. We can choose between Italian, Wheat, Honey Oat and Parmesan Oregano. I chose Wheat, Mai chose the last one.

Subway - Choose your Favorite Bread -

Then, we got to choose toppings along with the meat and veggies already included in the sandwich we selected. Mai wanted to try the Jalapeño slices, but, we were told by the guy behind the counter to only choose from the ones he already prepared. So, we only picked cucumbers, lettuce and tomatoes.

Subway - Choose your Toppings (sorry for the blur) -

Subway - toppings -

Subway - toppings part 2 -

Lastly, we get to choose the sauce.
Mai picked the Sweet Onion sauce and I wanted to try their Honey Mustard sauce.

Subway - Choose your Sauces -

And, here are our sandwiches:

Subway Spicy Italian Sandwich - Parmesan Oregano bread and Sweet Onion Sauce - CertifiedFoodies.comSubway’s Spicy Italian Sandwich
Parmesan Oregano bread and Sweet Onion Sauce


Subway Melt Sandwich - Wheat bread and Honey Mustard sauce - CertifiedFoodies.comSubway Melt Sandwich
Wheat bread and Honey Mustard sauce

We enjoyed the sandwiches! Mai and I both took turns in trying both sandwiches and we’re pretty happy. I love my Subway Melt sandwich over what Mai ordered, but I’m guessing it’s because of the Honey Mustard sauce. The Sweet Onion sauce is a bit too strong for me.

The Spicy Italian was a bit of a disappointment, actually. It wasn’t spicy at all. And the fact that there were no Jalapeños available yet made the whole spicy flavor non-existent.

But, overall, we still liked the sandwiches we ordered. They’re fulfilling, but, not overwhelming to the tummy. Great for health buffs out there, definitely.

Review : Subway Branch in SM Mall of Asia

Okay, we loved the sandwiches and we’d love to try something else on their menu next time. The food was prepared right in front of us and so we can say that the Subway guy was organized and prepared our orders quickly.

Subway menu -

However, let me tell you that I hate it when staff people of restaurants or food places are not friendly or welcoming to their customers. Don’t they know that their behavior affects the overall appreciation of their food?! So, even if the food tastes great, people will still rate your restaurant badly if your waiting staff doesn’t take their jobs seriously. And, for heaven’s sake, they’re selling FOOD. People should be leaving their restaurants HAPPY, right?!

The Subway guy at their MOA branch looked like a snob. I think we were the first customers for the day and he looked like he wasn’t ready and didn’t want to entertain customers just yet. Must have been having a bad day. He didn’t ask if we wanted anything else and even told us to only choose from what we see that he already prepared at the counter, even when we can freely choose what toppings we wanted. He didn’t say it nicely, by the way. He said, “Dyan lang kayo pumili“. He was like that even to the next customer who asked for Jalapeños and olives with his sandwich. The guy repeated what he told us, saying he doesn’t have any Jalapeños or olives prepared yet. Argh.

Anyway, we still enjoyed our Subway sandwiches.

Take a bite of my Subway sandwich -

So, Subway sandwiches is a MUST-TRY. But, if you don’t want to spend Php 100+ for a sandwich, we know there are cheaper alternatives than Subway sandwiches (or you can try their Sub of the Day for only Php 99– thanks for the tip, U8mypinkcookies!). If you prefer healthy over meaty, then, go for Subway sandwiches.

We really want to go back and try something else on Subway’s menu.

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Michelle (aka Mhel / blankPixels) is a social media nerd and works as a Digital Marketing Lead for one of the top online companies in the Philippines. On her free time, she travels, goes on food trip and loves to take photos. She's the main editor of this food blog.



  • brian

    what no turkey or meatballs????

  • lol

    lol…subway is so expensive in the philippines for the common consumer..subway is just a normal diet in the first world and is affordable for everyone…

    • Exo_Desrochers

      I’m not sure about that. I’ve read online that it costs 3 pounds in the UK and 5 dollars in the US, so i think that yea, it’s also pretty costly over there.

  • mbueno11

    i’ve eaten in subway megamall branch as well, and both of the guys in the counter are a big snob 🙁 they were quite impatient as well. it made me decide never to eat in that branch again, because i don’t think ill enjoy the food with those faces serving the food.

  • also work at subway

    well…it looks like he is working alone. feel some sympathy. its not easy opening up by himself (i’ve been through it all) preparing everything in a short amount of time and making everything nice and fresh. Taking his picture and posting it online…wrong.
    or maybe..the person who suppose to come in and help him open up didn’t show up. He has to do everything by himself. Imagine how YOU would feel.

    • That’s no excuse to be rude to customers. It would’ve been okay if he said it nicely, or with a smile. But, no. He was like, “I’m busy, can you hurry it up and just choose from what I already have ready?”.

      Please, I know how it is to work alone. I’ve managed a couple of different businesses, mostly selling food, and I know how it is to work alone. I understand if he wasn’t ready. But, the tone of his voice wasn’t right. That’s the ONLY thing I was complaining about. He could’ve excused himself.

      He’s working at a sandwich shop, for goodness sake, and we were the first and only customers at that time. He shouldn’t be acting like that towards us.

  • Savour D Flavour

    how come mura lang ang subway jan sa pinas? hehehhe…at mukhang masarap pa k sa subway dito sa US….lol!

    • Ganun ata talaga, sis. Mas mura usually mga bilihin dito. Hehehe.

  • I love Subway, in fact I have it almost 3 days out of a week, but I was disappointed when I tried it in Pinas, they don’t have my fave Turkey breast sandwitch 🙁 ..but anyhow, next time try to ask the sandwich stuffer to have it toasted..for me it just taste better and I love it on wheat bread…;P

    • Not sure if that’s even an option here. But, I’ll ask.
      We’ll try their other sandwiches ’cause the ones we ordered were mostly veggies eh.

  • If you ever come to New York, I have to tell you that Subway is not where you want to go for a pastrami sandwich. Write me and I’ll take you for a real one.

    • I wish I’d be given a chance to go to New York someday. I’ll contact you if ever that happens. 😛

  • Nuts

    29 times mentioned! 🙂 the place is too far from us.. but the sandwich looks yummy with lots of veggies..

    • Waah! I only counted 28. I’ll count again *LOL*

      But, for counting, I’ll give you link love na! What’s your blog’s URL?

      Thank you! By the way, where are you located?

  • Haven’t tried subway sandwiches yet but those looks yummy for me^_^solve na ang lunch ko dyan.I would love to try their sandwiches kung meron man dito sa place namin.

    Thanks for dropping by and Welcome to FTF!^_^

    • Inggit ako sa kayang lunch ang sandwich. Merienda lang kasi yun for me. WaahH! *LOL*

      Thanks for visiting, sis! And, yes, finally, we’ve joined FTF! 🙂

      • sakin din, sobrang OK na for lunch yung 1 sandwich 🙂 you can also try Country Style in MOA.. love their Ham or Chicken Mortadella sandwiches 🙂

  • Guest

    two days ago,my boys,together with their dad ate at subway, my favorite from them is the meatballs sub!

    • Didn’t know they have meatballs sub. I’ll try that next time. 🙂

  • rache

    wow ang mura ng Subway dyan… it’s $30 per meal for my husband, baby and me pag nasa subway kmi… We can’t help but go back though… 🙂 masarap ksi… just like Chikay said footlong sandwiches are expensive here it is $7.

    I like the rating that you made… pretty cool! 🙂 been planning to do that before but we live in a small island almost everybody knows everybody especially with very few bloggers here in the island… hehehe i didn’t pursue with my plans… :p

    • Kung i-compare dyan, mura talaga. Pero namamahalan na kami dun sa 6-foot sandwich na we ordered. But, someone suggested we try their Sub of the Day para Php 99 lang. Namimiss na nga namin ulit. *LOL*

      Aww hehehe. Parang ang cool naman. I wanna live in a small island/town where everyone knows each other. Parang ang saya! 🙂

  • yes me as well, if they would not serve me well, expect me to go away and walk out, nice capture you got here..

    • Thanks, sis. Poor customer service is the #1 thing I can’t stand. 🙂

  • Seikofukami2001

    I’d never been to subway before ‘though we visited MOA last June.Yes sis!You just mentioned “SANDWICH” here for several times as if you love sandwhich that much hehe.My husband & kids loves any kind of sandwhiches so I guess I wont pass up the chance of visiting subway the next time we visit P.I
    Thanks for sharing this & for the visit as well 🙂

    • Thank you for visiting! Yes, I mentioned sandwich a lot as part of a link love giveaway. Hehehe.

      My whole family loves sandwiches. But, my mom would prefer preparing them at home instead of paying that much at a restaurant. Hehehe. She and my partner make mean sandwiches anyway.

  • Chikay

    subway is OK. personally, their Italian BMT (toasted) is the best sandwich they have. ive tried their steak and cheese (which is my favorite sandwich, btw) and it was a big disappointment for me (and a complete waste of money. ugh!). ive tried their orchard chicken salad which was a limited time thing and it was just ok too. good thing about subway here in the US is all their footlong sandwiches are just $5 and their breads are fresh from the oven. but i’d preffer Jimmy Johns over Subway though. a little bit expensive but their sandwiches are worth every penny. maybe one day somebody will franchise Jimmy Johns in Pinas (ull be in for a treat! :D)

    • Thanks for sharing, chikay! We’d love to try Jimmy Johns sandwich. But, I don’t think anyone will open another sandwich franchise here real soon. Pinoys are not into sandwiches, really, so it won’t click as much as regular restaurants that serve rice.

      But, we’re actually looking for other sandwich shops here that could beat Subway. Next in line is Oliver’s Sandwiches.

      $5.00 for a footlong is actually more affordable than here. The sandwiches we ordered cost Php 125-150, and they were only 6 inches long.

  • I’m a big subway fan! I’ve even posted a photo of one of their sandwiches that I always love. And you know it’s Subway vs. the burger stations. You have a nice foodie review blog here. Great to have you join FTF.

    The sandwich prices in your area are very affordable, is the P150 a footlong price or just the half of it? We get to pay $5 for a footlong here and we just have to add $2 more for the chips and soda. And there’s this new flavor for a limited time only, and I surely went to get a taste of that Turkey-Avocado. Oh, it was great but not so great…you know how turkeys are bland and imagine eating an avocado with some mustards, pepper, and jalapenos and all! Ack, it just tasted too weird. My girl didn’t love it. I did but not so…

    • Thanks! We’ve wanted to join FTF since we started, but, our publish times have been erratic. Hehehe. I love your photos, by the way! 🙂

      I thought avocado would taste good with anything. *LOL* The Php 150 is only for their 6-inch sandwich. It’s a bit expensive for us, but, it’s still worth trying.

  • lani

    I love meatballs from subway…

    • They have meatballs? Didn’t know that. lol.

  • U8mypinkcookies

    I uber love Subway sandwiches too.. my faves– Ham, Sliced Chicken & Ham or the Roasted Chicken Breast.. I always get wheat bread with all veggies (except for green peppers, onions and olives). I prefer just the catsup + mustard as dressing 🙂 The Italian BMT and Spicy Italian is yummy too.

    They have a promo called SUB OF THE DAY where they have a featured sandwich for each day and it’s only P99! The other day, I had a chance to try the Steak & Cheese coz it was their Sub of the Day. Love the lean steak slices, topped with veggies & cheese. Yum yum! 😀

    • I’d love to try their Roasted Chicken Breast and Italian BMT. Have been hearing and seeing lots of raves about them. And their seafood sandwiches, too.

      We’re planning on going back. I guess we’ll try their Sub of the Day, too. Thanks for the tip! 🙂

      • U8mypinkcookies

        i don’t like mayonnaise so I never ordered those with mixed mayo already. Haha 😀 yeah, try the sub of the day. it’s sulit 😀

        • Ako naman, I love mayonnaise! Hehehe. Have you tried it with mustard? Para syang sauce ng Jollibee Jolly hotdog.

          We’ll drop by Subway again real soon. Thanks! 🙂

  • once upon a time i worked at subway in front of taft lasalle 🙂

    the guy must be reprimanded. u are right, he should always be happy of service to all customers and if i remembered it right, we were told to speak in english at subway. mostly our customers are foreigners 🙂

    i miss subway yay. thanks for your post!

    • In MOA naman, I observed, most of their customers are yuppies and, yes, foreigners. Mostly Americans, ’cause they love sandwiches. I just wish this guy would realize that he’s working for a food place so he needs to be as cheerful as he can.

  • Jenn

    Ang ganda naman ng blog na ito! Masarap talaga mag food trip pag may kasama, noh?

    In all honesty, I still haven’t tried their sandwiches. I am hoping to taste it, though. Thanks for hopping by my blog.

    • Aww. Thanks, Jenn! 🙂

      Yep, masarap mag-food trip talaga pag may kasama.

      First time din namin ma-try yung sandwiches nila. No regrets! You should try them! 🙂

      Thanks for visiting our blog, too! 🙂

  • Luna Miranda

    i enjoy Subway sandwiches…they’re filling at complete meal na ang sandwich. have you tried Oliver’s pastrami sandwich?

    thanks for visiting my FTF post. i replied to your comment about being allergic to crabs. will copy/paste what i wrote there:

    hi, certifiedfoodies! i read a lot of comments about being allergic to crabs or shrimps or a specific fruit or nut. in fact, my god-daughter who is 5 years old, was found allergic to peanuts. as a precautionary measure, the doctor told the parents not to allow the kid to eat any nut. she also carries with her an anti-allergy pill, and her teachers were made aware of her allergy.

    i had an allergic reaction to bangus about 20 years ago–i thought i was going to die. but the doctor said it was not a permanent allergy. i continue to eat bangus up to this day and no allergic reaction.

    so about your allergy to crabs–did you ask the doctor if it’s a permanent allergy? it might be worth checking–sayang naman ang crabs na di mo makakain. (LOL). check out this link:

    • Wow. Never heard of Oliver’s Super Sandwiches. I checked their menu on MunchPunch. Are you referring to this one: Low-Fat Peppercorn Beef Pastrami for Php 148.00?

      We’ll drop by their branch in Trinoma when we go to Gourdo’s. We’ll definitely try their Pastrami sandwich. Thanks for telling us about them. This is why I love foodies! 🙂

      And about the allergies, I believe it’s permanent. My mom and brother are nurses. The first time my crab allergies attacked, I passed out and was rushed to the hospital. The 2nd and 3rd time, I almost had blackouts. So, my mom won’t let me eat crabs anymore. *LOL* Inaamoy ko na lang. Hahaha.

      • I like Oliver’s Sandwiches too! I’d order either the Hungarian Sausage or Almond Chicken Cajun sandwich. So yummy!! Anyway, I’d prefer to eat sandwiches than rice & viand anytime. LOL 😀

        • Thanks for the suggestions! We’ll visit Oliver’s at Trinoma to try out their sandwiches. 🙂

          I can’t live without rice, honestly. I envy those who can. *LOL*